Donation Information

The Sailing Association is a club sports team here at UVA, and for this reason we function with a very limited budget. Most of our funding comes through the University’s Student Activities Fund, but the amount given to us is often insufficient for our needs. The costs of maintaining our fleet, traveling to collegiate regattas, and improving our operations are far greater than the amount we receive from the school. It has been through the generosity of alumni and other contributors that we keep new sailors learning, our racers competing, and our team growing.


The Sailing Association is a non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  There are several ways you can show your support:


  • To donate online with a credit card, please visit the following link:

  • To donate by mail, please make your check out to “UVA Fund- Sailing Association" and put “Sailing Association” in the memo line. Please mail checks to the following address:

UVA Alumni Hall
PO Box 400314
Charlottesville, VA 22904

If you are interested in sponsoring a regatta, a boat, or a set of sails, please contact Kieran McMahon at  Sponsorships help us fund events and equipment, and can benefit your organization or business as well.  If you have any questions, contact our Treasurer Emmah Nolan at

Commodores' Corner

Virginia Sailing would like to thank past donors for their support.  The names below represent donations received since January 1st, 2013.

A "Bosun" is a donor who has given up to $49 to the team.  "Mates" have given $50-$99 to the club.  A "Captain" remembered the glory of UVA Sailing and gave a generous donation of $100-$499.  The "Commodore" knew what it was like to run a sailing team, and decided to whole-heartedly donate $500-$1499.  The Admiral is a generous individual who prized their experience with the UVA sailing team, and wishes to keep them afloat for as long as they can. Admirals have donated over $1500 to the team.


The team would like to give special thanks to KC Fullmer for dedicating his time to voluntarily coach the race team, and also to alumni like Chris Stessing, Ellen Hubbard, Gordon Wolcott, Alexander Singh, Sam Patterson, and Eliza Schuett for helping coach throughout our race seasons. The Club also extends its gratitude to Nate Wapner, Whit Overstreet, Zig Patterson and Farley Will for helping with many of its events and equipment. Finally, we give a huge thank you to all of our hosts and alumni who continue to support our team. 


Michael Klopf
Jon E. "JT" Lendon.
The Ticatch Family
Farley Will
Robert and Beth McMahon
Amy and John Miller
  • Martha Gray
  • Quinn McKenna
  • Dan Burkert
  • Gregory Crapazano
  • Greg Montgomery
  • Scott Blandford
  • Kenneth Forziati
  • Allison Lenarz
  • Jessica Hardin
  • Virgilia Bryant
  • Phil Gurney
  • Wesley Nicolas
  • Rock Bell
  • Craig Burkert
  • Marta Morales
  • Robin Hiddeman
  • Terry and Robert McMahon
  • Suzanne McCabe
  • Katy and Peter Sullivan
  • Jane Block
  • Kenneth Forziati
  • Kristopher Powell
  • Sharon Caldwell
  • Robert Bechler
  • John Harrington
  • Bethany Harrington
  • Sam Patterson
  • Eliza Schuett
  • Boo Devanny
  • Kenneth and Sharon Forziati



Nate Wapner

Michael Littleton

Jack Darrell

Sealy and Mark Hopkinson

Everett Pierce

  • ​​Ryan Lentell

  • Mike Headley

  • Elizabeth Marotta

  • Scott and Ticia Berg

  • Peter Gambel

  • Dave Gundlach

  • Sandra Catallo

  • Michael Miller

  • Rebecca Pierce

  • Jan Smith

  • Robert O'Connell

  • Turner LaBrie

  • Vera O'Keefe

  • Casey Firth

  • Courtney "C-Fay" Fay

  • Hubert Cheung

  • Harrison Freund

  • Allison McRae

  • Rajiv Perera

  • Ellen Hubbard

  • Sean Buckhorn

  • Sherie Zhou

  • Chris Stessing

  • Hubert Cheung

  • Cece Hopkinson


  • The Patterson Family

  • The Wolcott Family

  • The Cornell Family

  • The Latimer Family

  • Muriel Martin

  • Authur McKenny

  • The Hubbard Family

  • The Stokes Family

  • The Schuett Family

  • The Singh Family

  • Alice Krebbs

  • The Mercurio Family

We are delighted to thank our lovely hosts and supporters for keeping all our sailors dry, warm and well fed after long days out on the water when we travel to regattas! This amazing hospitality is what allows us to travel so far to compete in great collegiate races!