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new friendships


Virginia Sailing

the commodore's campaign:

charting a course for the future

our legacy, your legacy

The Commodore's Campaign is more than just fundraising; it's about rekindling the bonds that tie us together, and recalling the experiences we shared as members of the Virginia Sailing team. Together, we are stewards of a decades-old tradition.


navigating towards success

As we navigate the waters of this campaign, our goal is to ensure that Virginia Sailing continues to thrive for generations to come. Your generous support will directly contribute to long-term capital purchases, bolstering our fleet, enhancing our facilities, and providing unparalleled opportunities for our current and future sailors.

join the crew

There are countless ways to get involved and make a difference!

Your contribution, no matter the size, has a ripple effect on the future of Virginia Sailing.

Reconnect with us and your fellow sailors on social media and through our newsletter.

Offer your time to support our team or host us at a regatta









Virginia Sailing is a 501(c)(7) organization and operates with limited budget. Most of our operating expenses are paid by UVA's Student Activities Fund and membership dues, however this funding is insufficient to cover major long-term investments. The costs of maintaining our fleet and facilities, traveling to collegiate regattas, and expanding our impact in the community are far greater than the funding we receive from our members and the University. It has been through the generosity of alumni and other contributors that we keep new sailors learning, our racers competing, and our team growing.

Are you a Virginia Sailing alum? Click below to sign up for TellTales, our monthly family and alumni newsletter.

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