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Racing 2015-2016

Women's Team Makes Nationals for the First Time in UVA Sailing History! 

  • Sailors Boo Devanny ('17), Colleen Roney ('18), Kate Green ('19), Julia Gowell ('18) and Waverlee Harvey ('18) traveled up to Hobart William and Smith in Geneva, NY for the MAISA Women's Championships. Saturday consistently had windy conditions letting the teams get through a full day of racing. Gowell and Harvey sailed A while Devanny and Green sailed B.

  • Sunday on the other hand, had minimal amounts of wind, resulting in each fleet only getting through one race each. Gowell and Roney sailed A while Devanny and Harvey sailed B. Huge thanks to 2014 Virginia Sailing alum Ellen Hubbard for coaching the girls for the weekend! After 11 races total in each fleet the Lady Hoos placed 9th at the regatta, qualifying them for College Women's Sailing Nationals in San Diego at the end of May!

Navy Spring (4.16.16-4.17.16)

  • Sailors Chris Craven ('16), Callie Hern ('18), Julia Gowell ('18), Eliza Schuett ('16), and Alex Singh ('19) traveled to Annapolis for the regatta. Saturday consisted of shifty but fairly steady wind around 10 knots for the day with it dying off occasionally. Craven skippered A with Hern as the crew, while Singh skippered B with Schuett as the crew for all races.

  • Sunday brought about beautiful weather but a bit lighter wind than the day before. Five races were able to be completed. Gowell took over as skipper for Craven after two races. The same team for B-fleet raced the whole weekend. Hoos placed 16th overall after a total of 12 races. Huge thanks to Navy for hosting the event and the Lattimer family for housing our sailors. Go Hoos! 

Mid-Atlantic Team Race Challenge (4.2.16-4.3.16)

  • Sailors Chris Craven ('16), Sam Patterson ('16), Eliza Schuett ('16), Callie Hern ('18), Tricia Stump ('18), Alex Singh ('19) and Ian Palmer ('19) traveled to ODU for the event. Saturday consisted of about 8-15 knots in the morning but the wind died off in the afternoon. Sunday however brought about very large gusts of up to 40 knots and consistent winds of 20-30 knots.

  • Craven and Stump sailed in one boat and Singh and Schuett sailed in the second boat both days. Patterson and Hern sailed together the first two races and then Palmer took over for Patterson for the remainder of the weekend. Hoos ended the weekend in 5th with a record of 3-4. Huge thanks to ODU for hosting the event, the Singh family for housing our sailors and to Gordon Wolcott for coaching the team for the weekend! Wahoowa!

Webb Regatta (4.2.16-4.3.16)

  • Sailors Kate Green ('19), Colleen Roney ('18), Julia Gowell ('18) and Boo Devanny ('17) traveled back to CNU for the event. Gowell skippered A with Roney as the crew and Devanny skippered B with Green as the crew. Saturday brought about a nice strong Northwestly which allowed for seven races to be completed before lunch. Around 1:15PM thunder was heard and kept the fleet onshore till about 2:00PM Four more races were sailed in a light easterly that eventually died around 4:30. All courses were W4 or W3, and races 9 and 10 were Gold Cups. All 11 races were completed on Saturday. Hoos placed 2nd overall with Gowell placing 1st in A-fleet!

Hanbury Trophy (3.26.16-3.27.16)

  • Sailors Boo Devanny ('17), Kate Green ('19), Colleen Roney ('18), and Julia Gowell ('18) traveled to Newport News for the event hosted by CNU. On Saturday, competitors were greeted by a cool northerly breeze on the James River this morning that ranged from 4-12 knots throughout the day. The breeze was very shifty varying from the east all the way to the northwest. Gowell skippered A with Green as the crew and Devanny skippered B with Roney as the crew. All races were W4 except race 4 and race 10, which were W3s.

  • On Sunday, six races were completed to fulfill the rotation, all races were W4 except race 16, which was a W3. The two crews switched fleets for the day. The Hoos placed 5th overall! Huge thanks to CNU for hosting the event and the Patterson family for housing our sailors! Wahoowa!


MAISA/SAISA Team Race (3.26.16-3.27.16)

  • Sailors Chris Craven ('16), Eliza Schuett ('16), Callie Hern ('18), Sam Patterson ('16), Parker Brown ('16), Alex Singh ('19), Waverlee Harvey ('18), and Colin Suvak ('19) traveled to Hampton for the regatta. Craven (skipper) and Hern sailed together, Singh (skipper) and Schuett sailed together and Suvak (skipper) and Harvey sailed together.

  • Saturday was A beautiful day, sunny with a nice breeze 8-12KN from NNE shifting to E in the afternoon. All four rounds were completed on Saturday, allowing the sailors to enjoy Easter Sunday back in Charlottesville! Hoos placed 4th overall with a record of 4-12!  Wahoowa!

William and Mary Spring Open (3.19.16-3.20.16)

  • Sailors Colleen Roney ('18), Charlotte Hennessy ('19), Hannah Richardson ('18), and Ian Palmer ('19) traveled to Williamsburg for the regatta. Saturday, 8 races were able to be finished by A-fleet and 7 in B fleet. Palmer and Hennessy sailed B and Roney and Richardson sailed A for the first 6 races until Hennessy and Richardson switched for the remainder of the weekend. Sunday, both fleets were able to finish all 12 sets.

  • The Hoos ended up in 5th overall! Huge thanks to the William and Mary sailing team for housing our sailors and putting on the regatta! 


College of Charleston Intersectional (3.12.16-3.13.16)

  • Sailors Chris Craven ('16), Sam Patterson ('16), Boo Devanny ('17), Parker Brown ('16), Eliza Schuett ('16), and Alex Singh ('19) traveled all the way to Charleston, SC for the big event! Saturday greeted the sailors sunny, warm and with very light breeze.After an hour postponement the first race was started on Crab Bank in a 5-8 mph southerly that pretty much locked in for the day. Although the breeze was fairly steady and straightforward the current added an exciting dimension. In the bottom 1/3 of the course the current was right to left while the top 2/3 were straight down the rhumb. But all 10 races in each division were still completed by 3:30pm. Craven and Devanny sailed in A and Singh and Schuett sailed in B all day.

  • Sunday the breeze was still from the south but a nice 8-12 and puffs to 15. The first race was started on time in the river right under the Yorktown. All 8 races were completed by 11:30 in some rather spectacular conditions! Craven and Devanny sailed in A until Patterson switchd in for Craven. Singh and Schuett sailed in B until Brown switched in for Singh. Hoos ended up in 6th overall out of 14! Way to go Hoos! 

CJ Woollum (3.12.16-3.13.16)

  • Sailors Julia Gowell ('18), Kate Green ('19), Turner LaBrie ('18) and Waverlee Harvey ('18) traveled to Christopher Newport in Newport News for the event. Saturday got six solid races off before the breeze knocked off for the day. Morning and early afternoon conditions were light, ranging from 4-8 knts oscillating from NE to N. Four races were completed before the lunch break with only two races completed after lunch. Gowell and Harvey sailed A while LaBrie and Green sailed B. 

  • Sunday saw at most 1-2 knots out on the water so no races were undergone. The Hoos ended up in 6th overall with Gowell placing 2nd in A fleet. 

ODU Spring Open (3.5.16-3.6.16)

  • Sailors Boo Devanny ('17), Alex Singh ('19), Parker Brown ('16) and Colleen Roney ('18) traveled down to Norfolk for the regatta. Saturday morning began with a crisp northerly that quickly dropped out and faded to the right as the morning progressed. The fickle wind kept the racers and the race management team on their toes. One race was abandoned when the breeze shut off completely. Throughout much of the day the right side of the course looked enticing, but rarely did it pay out. Six races were completed in both divisions on a W4 course in all but the last B division race, which was sailed on a W3 in an 8kt Southeasterly at sunset. Singh and Devanny sailed A while Brown and Roney sailed B. 

  • Sunday came with a shifty 6-9 Northerly and flat water made for a great day of spring sailing. Five races on a W4 course. The same people sailed in the same fleets. The Hoos ended up in 4th overall! 

Pirate Team Race (2.27.16-2.28.16)

  • Sailors Chris Craven ('16), Eliza Schuett ('16), Julia Gowell ('18), Colleen Roney ('18), Colin Suvak ('19), Alex Singh ('19), Sam Patterson ('16), and Tricia Stump ('18) traveled down to Hampton, VA for the event. The regatta started with light and shifty winds that clocked 180 degrees before finally settling in at 7-8 knots from the SE. 24 races were finished before the racing day was completed. Craven (skipper), Stump (crew), Singh (skipper), Schuett (crew), Suvak (skipper) and Roney (crew) all sailed on Saturday.The Hoos ended up in 2nd place at the end of the day.

  • Sunday greeted teams with Southwesterly 9-10 knots steady winds, with calm sea states. Teams were able to fully complete Round 3 before the regatta was concluded. Craven (skipper), Stump (crew), Patterson (skipper), Schuett (crew), Suvak (skipper) and Roney (crew) sailed for the day. The Hoos ended up in third place with a record of 11-4. A huge thanks to Hampton University for hosting the event and the Patterson family for housing our sailors! Wahoowa!

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