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Racing 2016



Atlantic Coast Tournament (11.12.16-11.13.16)

  • And that's a wrap for the 2016 race season! Sailors Kate Green ('19), Colin Suvak ('19), Alex Singh ('19) and Colleen Roney ('18) traveled to Annapolis, MD for the Atlantic Coast Tournament hosted by the Naval Academy. Saturday brought about shifty winds below 10 knots making racing relatively tricky.

  • Sunday also consisted of low winds of about 5-10 knots. With Singh and Green in A and Suvak and Roney in B, the Hoos placed 13th after 14 races in each division. Wahoowa!

War Memorial (10.29.16-10.30.16)

  • Sailors Alex Singh ('19), Colin Suvak ('19), Colleen Roney ('18), Julia Gowell ('18) and Tricia Stump ('18) traveled to St. Marys in Maryland for the War Memorial. Saturday brought about a steady 5-9 knots of wind allowing for 11 races in A fleet and 10 races in B fleet to be completed.

  • Sunday, however, had very low winds only letting one of the two races completed count. Singh and Stump sailed in A and Suvak and Roney sailed in B for the weekend. Hoos ended in 13th for the weekend, qualifying them for the Atlantic Coast Tournament hosted by Navy in two weekends. Go Hoos! 

MAISA Women's Championships (10.22.16-10.23.16)

  • The Lady Hoos Julia Gowell ('18), Cece Hopkinson ('20), Colleen Roney ('18), Tricia Stump ('18) and Waverlee Harvey ('18) traveled to Norfolk, VA to the MAISA Women's Championships hosted by ODU. Saturday unfortunately had too much wind and no races were able to be completed.

  • Sunday had an early start and with 3 race sets, each division was able to get in 6 races. The breeze was in the mid to upper teens throughout the day. Gowell and Harvey sailed A while Roney and Hopkinson sailed B. The Hoos ended up in 9th overall! Wahoowa! Huge thanks to ODU for hosting the event and the Harvey family for housing our sailors.

Henry Luce Trophy (10.15.16-10.16.16)

  • Sailors Alex Singh ('19), Colin Suvak ('19), Colleen Roney ('18), Julia Gowell ('18) and Tricia Stump ('18) traveled to New York for the Luce Regatta hosted by SUNY Maritime College.

  • Singh and Stump sailed in A for the weekend and Suvak and Roney sailed in B for the weekend. The Hoos finished off in 4th place, qualifying the team for the War Memorial in two weeks!

Jefferson Cup (10.15.16-10.16.16)

  • Sailors Jake Vanaman ('19), Boo Devanny ('17), Kat Catallo ('20), Katie Purcell ('20), Ian Palmer ('19) and Charlotte Hennessy ('19) competed in our very own Jefferson Cup at Lake Anna. Palmer and Hennessy sailed in A and Catallo and Purcell sailed in B on Saturday, while Palmer and Vanaman sailed A and Catallo and Devanny sailed in B on Sunday.

  • Saturday had very low winds, causing a wind delay for a few hours in the morning but the wind picked up enough in the afternoon to get a few races in. Sundays wind was much more consistent and allowed us to keep racing until around 1PM to get in as many races as possible. The Hoos finished off in first place for the weekend after 11 races total. Huge thanks to the following volunteers for helping put on the regatta: Jordan Cornell, Waverlee Harvey, Callie Hern, Kate Green, Fritz Steuer, Charlotte Hennessy, Turner LaBrie, Wyatt Carlock, Emma Mcphail-Snyder, Cameron Goss, Connor Segal and Katie Purcell. 

Carl Van Duyne MAISA Singles (10.8.16-10.9.16)

  •  Sailor Colin Suvak traveled back to Annapolis, MD for the MAISA Men's Singles Championships hosted by the Naval Academy. Saturday brought light winds that ranged from 6-12 knots and with 8 races complete Suvak was in 16th place.

  • Sunday however consisted of heavy 18-30 knot winds. Suvak sailed 6 more great races allowing him to finish in 11th overall! Way to go Colin!

David Lee Arnoff (10.8.16-10.9.16)

  •  Sailors Alex Singh ('19), Ian Palmer ('19), Connor Segal ('20) Eric Rebellato ('17) traveled to Geneva, NY to compete in the David Lee Arnoff hosted by Hobart William and Smith College. Singh and Segal sailed in A and Palmer and Rebellato sailed in B for the weekend. After 13 races the Hoos finished off in 12th place overall. 

Susan Roger's Memorial Women's Regatta (10.1.16-10.2.16)

  • Sailors Kate Green ('19), Julia Gowell ('18), Colleen Roney ('18), Waverlee Harvey ('18) and Boo Devanny ('17) traveled to Ithaca, NY for the regatta hosted by Cornell. Both Saturday and Sunday consisted of light and sporadic breeze resulting in only completing 8 races in each division.

  • Gowell and Roney sailed A while Devanny and Harvey sailed B for the weekend. The Lady Hoos finished the weekend off tied for 7th place! Huge thanks to Cornell for hosting the regatta! Wahoowa!

Laser Elimination and Faye Bennet Women's Singles (9.24.16-9.25.16)


  • Colin Suvak ('19) and Julia Gowell ('18) traveled to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD for the two events. Suvak sailed in the Laser Elimination and Gowell sailed in the Faye Bennet Women's Singles. For both events, four windward leeward races were sailed in the morning in winds ranging from 12-18 knots. There were significant shifts and pressure differences, making for some interesting races. Sunday had light winds which resulted in few races being completed. Gowell ended up in 18th overall. Suvak prevailed by finishing the regatta in 2nd out of 18 teams, qualifying him for the MAISA Laser Championships later in the fall! Wahoowa!

Tom Curtis Memorial Regatta (9.24.16-9.25.16)


  • Sailors Victor Layne ('20), Alex Singh ('19), Colleen Roney ('18), Cece Hopkinson ('20) and Kat Catallo ('20) travelled to Georgetown for the regatta. On Saturday, 10 races were completed in each division in a NE wind ranging from 5-10mph. 

  • Sunday, a nice NE wind of 8-12MPH greeted the sailors as they arrived at the Washington Sailing Marina. Two races were completed in each division before racing was called for the day due to light winds. For the entire weekend, Singh skippered A with Hopkinson as his crew and Layne skippered B with Roney as his crew. Hoos finished off in 6th overall, with Layne and Roney placing 4th in B fleet. Go Hoos!

Colony Cup (9.17.16-9.18.16)

  • Traveling to Williamsburg, VA for this event was Julia Gowell ('18), Waverlee Harvey ('18), Jake Vanaman ('20), and Jessie Anderson ('20). Saturday started off slow with a wind delay, but as the day went on the wind built allowing for six races in each division to be completed.

  • Sunday also lacked wind, so each division was only able to complete one race. Gowell and Harvey sailed in A and Vanaman and Anderson sailed in B for the weekend. The Hoos ended the weekend in 4th overall! Huge thanks to Virginia Sailing alum ('14) Ellen Hubbard for coaching this weekend and housing our sailors! Wahoowa!

Nevin's Trophy (9.17.16-9.18.16)

  • Traveling all the way up to Kings Point, NY for this event was Kate Green ('19), Alex Singh ('19), Collen Roney ('18), Tricia Stump ('18) and Victor Rodriquez ('19). Saturday brought about good wind, about 8-13 knots and 10 races were able to be completed in each division.

  • On Sunday, the Westerly held strong for most of the day providing shifty and puffy conditions with winds ranging from 4-13 knots. 6 races were completed in each division, totaling 16 races over the course of the weekend. Singh and Stump sailed the first three races in A, before Green switched in for Stump the remainder of the day. Stump went back in the crew for Singh on Sunday. Suvak and Roney sailed in B fleet and Rodriquez sailed Lasers in C fleet. The Hoos finished off in 19th place for the weekend. Full scores can be seen via the link:

Riley Cup (9.10.16-9.11.16)

  • Traveling down to Old Dominion for this event was Kate Green ('19), Alex Singh ('19), Evan Morgan ('18), Tricia Stump ('18) and Victor Layne ('20). Saturday brought about an outstanding sailing day with a southwesterly becoming south late in the day with pressure from 5 - 15 knots. Sunday started with a 12 knot southwesterly which died through the day as it transitioned to the NNE as forecasted.

  • Singh (skipper) and Stump (crew) raced in the A-fleet races 1-4 and 6-12, with Morgan crewing for races 5-8. Layne and Green raced all 12 races in B fleet. The team overall came in 7th, an outstanding turnout for the Hoos! Huge thanks to the Singh family for housing our sailors this for this event! 

Laser South (9.10.16-9.11.16)

  • Second Year Colin Suvak traveled to the Naval Academy to compete in the regatta. On Saturday, a southeasterly breeze filled in just after the report time for the 2016 Laser South Regatta and the competitors headed out to sail four races off Bembe Beach in the morning in 5-10 knots of breeze.

  • On Sunday, the wind was out of the Northwest and a course was set in the Severn River right off the Robert Crown Center. The committee quickly ran the remaining six races in the event before lunch and ended the day early. Winds ranged from 12-22 knots, puffy and shifty. With 14 races in total, Suvak finished in 7th overall out of 20 teams! Fantastic job Colin!

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